Aqua Bound Stingray Hybrid Paddle Review

Website: It is very important to kayak or paddle board with a quality paddle. "Quality paddles come with more reliable components and are substantially lighter weight. Lighter paddles are less fatiguing, meaning you can enjoy your time on the water longer and feel less sore at the end of the day." Aqua Bound offers the lightest paddles on the market at every price point and a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. I own the Stingray Hybrid two piece posi-lok kayak paddle (providing the ability to adjust the paddle for a variety of angles) and couldn't be happier with the light weight (30.5 oz.) with a carbon shaft and fiberglass blades. I have found that I can paddle more efficiently and for much longer periods of time with this paddle. I highly recommend this paddle for optimum performance.

Paddle TV, Paddle Tales and Facing Waves

For great instructional and informational videos of kayaking skills, gear and fantastic paddling destinations (kayaking & paddle boarding) check out Paddle TV, Paddle Tales (Amazon Prime also) and Facing Waves on Youtube. Facing Waves is also on the AWE (A Wealth of Entertainment) cable channel. These videos/shows are hosted by Ken Whiting, a former competitive whitewater kayaker. Ken's videos/shows are not only informative but entertaining as well.

Masonboro Paddle Company (Wilmington, NC)

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