Paumanok Tours (Setauket, NY)

Paumanok Tours launches out of 6 different sites: Flanders Bay, Port Jefferson Harbor, Carmans River, Peconic River, Mt. Sinai Harbor and Setauket Harbor. They are a 100% mobile kayaking company. Parking is available on all sites (see for details). The owner Kevin Stiegelmaier is extremely accomodating and knowledgeable, as he has written several kayaking/canoeing guides about Long Island waters (see for details).

On this particular day, April 13, 2021, Paumanok Tours was not officially open for business but Kevin was very understanding of my situation, as I was trying to get one final 2 hour training session in before my trip to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina for a 4 day Sea Kayaking/camping trip through REI Adventures and their partner, Coastal Expeditions. Since I own a dry suit and the water temp was a cool 44 degrees, Kevin agreed to rent me a kayak and meet me at Setauket Harbor. Luckily the air temp was a warm & sunny 60 degrees, which made this experience kayaking the Setauket Harbor so much more fun. The harbor waters were very calm and the scenery was beautiful. Unfortunately, there wasn't too much wildlife present this time of the year. On the bright side, I had the whole harbor to myself as there was very little boating activity this afternoon. I was able to kayak to the entrance of the Port Jefferson Harbor, where there was more boating activity, as one of the Port Jefferson ferries was entering the harbor from the Long Island Sound. Kevin provided a Perception Conduit 13.0 sit-inside kayak, which tracked pretty well although it was influenced by the current in some spots in the harbor, since there was no rudder or skeg. The Perception Conduit 13.0 was comfortable throughout the 2 hours. Kevin also provided a spray skirt which came in handy since the water was so cold. Although I started kayaking with gloves, I eventually took them off because the air temp was so warm, which made it so much easier to take pictures. Make sure you bring a dry bag to keep your phone, keys and other personal items in. Also bring water so you can stay hydrated, regardless of the temp.

I will definitely use Paumanok Tours again, so I can try some of their different locations but also so I can experience their Tri-Spy Historic Tours, experiencing not only the beauty of Setauket Harbor but also to learn more about its role in George Washington's Spy Ring (TURN was a great series about that subject - AMC & Netflix). 

You can rent single or double kayaks. They also do private tours. (see for pricing & tour info). 

So check Paumanok Tours out! You will not be disappointed!