Long Island Canoe & Kayak (Riverhead, NY)

The Long Island Canoe & Kayak Rentals (next door to the LI Aquarium) provides for a scenic route of the Peconic River, from the Treasure Cove Marina to the Peconic Estuary where you can observe wildlife and numerous species of birds: piping plovers, terns, osprey, hawks and even owls. The Peconic River also takes you to Colonels Island and the Indian Island Golf Course. The route takes you about 4 miles round trip. LI Canoe & Kayak actually provide a map with the mileage and approximate time frames for the average kayaker, which is extremely helpful. This is not a tour, you are on your own. I was able to explore the entire route (round trip) in just under 2 hours, although the trip back was against the wind and the currents. The water is a bit more challenging to navigate once you pass the CR105 Bridge towards Colonels Island. Long Island Canoe & Kayak can provide you with a variety of options, from Canoes to tandem kayaks, to sit on top kayaks to sit-in kayaks. I prefer the sit-in kayak. I'm not sure what brand kayak I used but it was pretty easy to maneuver. The launch point was very interesting as you got into your kayak from a dock with narrow slips for both canoes & kayaks. There is also two bars that are overhead which help you stabilize yourself as you enter the kayak. Someone was there to provide an assist and give you your life jacket and paddle. However, when I returned no one was on the dock, so I had to utilize the overhead bars to lift myself out of the kayak onto the dock. It wasn't very difficult, but that's not to say that it couldn't be. Overall, it was a great experience since the waters were very calm and the sun was shining brightly. You can schedule a trip online or over the phone. Groups are welcome. Bathrooms are available.