Fun & Sun Rentals, LLC  (Scarborough, Maine)

On August 4, 2021, during our vacation in Maine we booked a kayaking adventure with Fun & Sun Rentals, LLC in Scarborough, Maine. They rent single, double & triple kayaks, bikes, stand up paddle boards, sailboats and beach gear. They offer self-guided river trips, harbor & marsh trips and bike trips. 

So we booked a self-guided river trip using two tandem kayaks. First of all the pricing was outrageous. They charged $60 per person. Everywhere else I have ever rented for self-guided tours was between $40 and $60 per kayak. Typically guided tours would cost more, which is understandable. 

The river we paddled was extremely calm with basically no other traffic. The directions to the pick up point were misleading as we wound up paddling too far and had to turn around to paddle back to the pick up point. When they tell you not to paddle past the railroad overpass they forgot to tell us that it is way past the pick up point.

Although I'm not a fan of ocean kayaks because they are heavier, slower and allow water in which gets your shorts very wet, I was willing to give them a go since sit-inside kayaks were not an option. However, after about 20 minutes into our paddle one of the straps holding my seat upright snapped thus leaving me without any back support for the rest of the paddle. For at least an hour or more I paddled from a horizontal position, since I was the rear paddler and it would have taken us twice the time to get to the pick up point if only the front paddler paddled. Needless to say my back was shot and my arms were sore. When we finally got to the pick up point we explained what happened and asked for a refund. They gave us the money back for one person ($60), not for the entire boat even though it effected both of us. This turned out to be a very disappointing experience. If you use Fun & Sun Rentals, make sure you check your equipment before venturing out. I truly do not think the experience, even with fully functioning equipment is worth the cost. We won't be using or recommending Fun & Sun Rentals in the future when visiting Maine.