Peconic Paddler (Riverhead, NY)

The Peconic Paddler has a huge selection of sit-on-top, sit-in, as well as some sleeker and faster kayaks for those more experienced. Although it has been around for 50 years, it has been under new ownership since 2017. This is not a tour, so you are on your own. Their rental experts were very friendly and accommodating.  This is a very different Peconic River experience than the one provided at the Long Island Canoe & Kayak, also in Riverhead. This part of the river is more intimate. The river is not as wide open, as it winds through Riverhead. You will certainly feel like you are in the middle of nature as you encounter many types of waterfowl and you are surrounded on both sides with trees. This part of the river is not very deep and there are many fallen trees along the route that you will have to maneuver around which makes it both challenging and eery. As explained to me by their rental expert, you can stop along the way to grab a slice of pizza or ice cream when you pass by several food venues. Since I wasn't sure how far I would be traveling, I didn't stop this time. I wove my way through the Peconic all the way to a small waterfall before I turned around for my return trip. Overall, it was a very peaceful journey. However, I'm not sure of the brand kayak I had rented but it wasn't quite as easy to maneuver as others I have rented. Groups are welcome. Bathrooms are available. You can make your reservation by email or phone.