Trail View State Park Hiking/Biking Trails (Woodbury, NY)

The Trail View State Park is part of the Nassau/Suffolk Greenbelt that extends from Cold Spring Harbor State Park in Suffolk County to Bethpage State Park and to the south shore of Nassau County. The trails at the Train View State Park are typically narrow. In some spots you will find exposed roots and rocks so proper footwear is necessary. There are two trails, the white and blue trails. The white trail is for hikers and has moderate traffic. There was no evidence of mountain biking tracks on the white trail. However, the blue trail is for both hikers and mountain bikers as there was significant evidence of mountain biking tracks and alot of mud, although I didn't see anyone else on this trail. As far as elevation, there is a climb on the white trail to about 450 feet but it was not difficult. Overall, both trails were not difficult and most levels should be able to handle this trail. I hiked both the white and blue trails which accounted for about 2 miles. Please be aware that no pets are allowed year-round. Honestly, if you are looking for a peaceful setting in the middle of nature, I would not recommend this location. You can hear the traffic from Jericho Tpke and the surrounding roads no matter where you are. Several trails lead to exit points which are heavily trafficked roads. Additionally, you can smell the food (pizza) from the restaurants on the outskirts of this park.