Sunken Meadow State Park Trail (Kings Park, NY)

To get to the Sunken Meadow State Park Trail, go to the far East parking lot until you get to the Nissequogue River. You will see a foot bridge going over the river which is the start of the trail. The Sunken Meadow State Park Trail presents several options. There is a 3.7 mile loop and a 5K trail for runners. If you choose to follow the trail that parallels the Nissequogue River and LI Sound it will go well past the loop turn and may be a bit longer overall. Be aware that the trail climbs to 380 feet overlooking the LI Sound. At this time of the year (Oct/Nov), there are many leaves covering exposed roots on some of the trails, so be careful. Having proper hiking footwear is a must. The trails are either crushed stone & dirt or sand. There is one small section that is paved near the picnic area. Some sections of the trail are narrow. There are several spots for pictures with great views overlooking the Nissequogue River and Long Island Sound. Didn't see much wildlife during my hike but saw various water fowl down by the river. Be careful to follow the marked trails. If you miss a turn, you may have a difficult time getting back on track without retracing your steps. People of all skill levels and ages should be able to handle these trails, although some sections are very steep. There are signs indicating that pets are not allowed. Bathrooms can be found at the various pavilions.