Stillwell Woods Preserve Hiking/Biking Trails (Syosett, NY)

The Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail for hikers runs through the Stillwell Woods Preserve. There is a 4.3 mile loop trail which you can extend by following some of the spur trails that branch off of the main trails. There are trails that are designated for hikers and mountain bikers. Most of the hiking trails are devoid of mountain bikers. The mountain biking trails are typically muddy after rain or snow. Whether you are on the hiking or biking trails, proper hiking footwear is advisable since you will experience a variety of different surfaces and obstacles. The highest point, according to all trails is about 236 feet in elevation. If you would like a challenging route, head north to the more difficult trails that include elevation. However, be aware that this is a thickly guarded forest and although well-marked, one could easily lose their way, unless you have a good sense of direction, can read the position of the sun or have a compass, which is always helpful when you are hiking. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed year-round. In the winter, when trail traffic is very light, I have seen dogs on leash. However, if caught, violators can be fined. Unlike its neighbor, the Trail View State Park, you will not hear traffic or smell the cooking food of nearby restaurants. This is a true hiking experience and a great place to feel like you are a part of nature.