Massapequa Park Lake Preserve Hiking/Biking Trails (Massapequa, NY)

The Massapequa Park Lake Preserve Trail is a 6.3 mile out & back paved trail. It features several rivers and a lake with an abundance of ducks and other waterfowl. There is also an option to go off the paved trail on to a dirt trail. It is a very flat trek with an approximate elevation change of 52 feet, however you will not even feel a difference. It is heavily trafficked which includes hikers, bikers, runners and dog walkers (which must be on leash). Since it is a paved path it is kid friendly, so whether you are pushing a stroller or riding bikes, kids will enjoy nature in their journey. They will probably want to stop to see all of the ducks. It also has easy wheelchair access.

Depending on where you enter the park, there is one sign that says NO DOGS or risk a fine on one side of the park by N. Linden Street and another sign on the opposite side of the park that says DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH. You choose, however like most parks in the off season, there is no enforcement. So beware in the late spring & summer. If you are driving, you will park in the lot off of Walker Street. From here it is best to enter the paved trail to the left which will take you toward the lake and your path will follow a river on your right, where you will see many ducks and waterfowl. You may also encounter people fishing along the way. If you follow the paved trail to the right you will have to cross over N. Linden Street and take the path over Southern State Parkway toward Bethpage State Park. This trail is park of the Bethpage State Park Bikeway Trail, so you will see quite a few bikers sharing this paved path in both directions. Going right is not as peaceful nor as quiet (thanks to the parkway) as going left. So, this trail is for all levels and no special footwear is required. Enjoy!