Makamah Nature Preserve Hiking/BikingTrails (Fort Salonga, NY)

The Makamah Nature Preserve located in Northport, NY offers several different trails. The main trail stretches from one parking lot to another. it is relatively straight and narrow with many gullies to deal with. However, not many obstacles get in the way of this trail. Although I saw horse hoof prints, I didn't see any horses. You will see many man-made bicycle ramps but on this day I did not encounter any mountain bikers. The trails were pretty empty since it was a Tuesday in January. You may have dogs on leash although I saw a few off leash, probably since it was empty and January. There are several trails that branch off of the main trail. Once you see several streams you can follow them on a narrow trail to a large pond. The main trail parallels the Crab Meadow Golf Course. The trails that branch off the main trail are far more challenging as you must deal with roots, rocks, slopes and hills. Wear hiking boots/shoes since the terrain is uneven throughout. This trail is basically a loop but be aware that the farther you go off the main trail, the longer your hike. Most people should be able to handle the main trail. It will be more challenging once you leave the main trail. Also, please keep in mind that the parking lots are small.