Huntington Greenway Trail (Northport, NY)

The Huntington Greenway Trail is a 3.4 mile loop trail in Northport, NY. It is a moderately challenging trail with some hills, narrow and sometimes winding paths. The trail is maintained by the Town of Huntington Parks & Recreation and Planning & Environment departments with assistance from the Huntington Greenway Trails Advisory Committee which creates mapping, trail identification markers, etc.

Although this trail has an elevation of approximately 183 feet according to ALL TRAILS, it is kid friendly. Proper footwear is always a must for everyone. The ground is firm with few obstacles or sand but the paths are covered with leaves in the late fall, winter and early spring. In peak season, typically early fall, spring & summer, it is a popular trail for hiking, mountain biking and trail running. Dogs are welcome year round but MUST be on a leash.

Trail direction posts were added by an Eagle Scout from Troop 41 in the summer of 2020. For the most part trails are clearly marked. However, there is a point where the Huntington Greenway Trail intersects with the Meadow Lark Park (MLP) Trail, so be careful to follow the right markers. Here is where a compass could help you find your correct direction.

Unfortunately, you will not escape the sounds of civilization and will see several homes on its perimeter. You will even see horses.