Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve Hiking/BikingTrails (Lloyd Harbor, NY)

September 11, 2020:

Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve is a bit out of the way on the scenic peninsula of Lloyd Harbor but well worth the trip. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking as you sit high overlooking the Long Island Sound. The park has some beautiful gardens to the right as you leave the parking lot and start your journey. Important Note: Bathrooms and Maps are located on the left as you leave the parking lot. Both times I visited the Park this summer (once to hike, once to bike), only the paved trail was open. The paved trail does provide a 3 mile loop for both hikers and bikers. Bikers need to be aware that there is a speed limit, especially on the downhill path. In spite of the closed trails, this was still a worthwhile trip for people of all ages. The paved trail allows for a smooth, easy bike and stroller ride. Each time I visited, it was never too crowded since it sits on 1750 acres. There are many historical buildings on the site and you can bring the kids over to the stables to see the many horses there. Afterwards, you can enjoy a nice meal at one of the many restaurants in the Town of Huntington.

November 14, 2020:

As opposed to the prior two times we visited this park, once to hike and once to bike, the non-paved trails, including those down the bluff were open. So, there were plenty of options for both hikers and bikers. I don't know if this was because it was a Saturday, where our previous two visits were during the week. One important thing to note is that the park was very crowded (it was a beautifully crisp & sunny fall day), as there were several overflow parking lots set up. However, even though it was obviously crowded, you never felt unsafe since the park is very large and people respected both social distancing and the wearing of masks during the few times we were in close proximity to other groups. There are many great areas to take pictures! Great place to go with the family or friends. Have fun!