Caleb Smith State Park Preserve (Smithtown, NY)

Caleb Smith State Park Preserve  is located on the estate of Caleb Smith (1724-1800), the great grandson of Richard "Bull" Smith. A nature museum, wildlife displays and nature trails are available. The trails are all well marked, very wide and occasionally rocky.There is a concerted effort by staff to keep the hiking trails clear of any debris. Those trails that were not yet cleared were closed on this day in November. However, we did manage to hike of the blue, green, yellow and red trails that were open. All in all we hiked about 3.5 miles. There is very little elevation to be concerned with, so hikers of all abilities can easily handle these trails, including young children and older adults. However, pets are not permitted at all. As far as scenery, there is a lake and several streams that traverse the park. There is also an $8. charge to park, unless you have a New York State Empire pass. There are bathrooms at the Museum.