Heckscher State Park Hiking/Biking Trails

Heckscher State Park Hiking/Biking Trails provide many options for the leisurely walkers, powerwalkers, joggers, hikers and bikers. There is a 3.3 mile paved loop for both hiking and biking but there are other paved trails as well which connect to the loop. You could also walk along the sandy beaches that overlook the Great South Bay. Part of the loop is protected by trees and part is unprotected from sun and wind. The best scenery can be viewed from the unprotected path that parallels the beaches that border the Great South Bay. You will pass many picnic areas and playgrounds for the kids as you travel along the 3.3 mile loop. As you come to the unprotected part of the loop, you will see several waterfront cottages on your left as you travel south toward the beaches (or on your right if you are traveling north away from the beaches). These waterfront cottages are pretty new and are rentable (for more information google Cottages at Herkscher State Park). For boaters, there is a launch for sail boarding, kayaking and canoeing. People of all ages will enjoy the options provided at Herkscher State Park. Sorry, no pets allowed year-round.