Cedar Creek Park Bike Trail to Tobay Beach (Seaford, NY)

Cedar Creek Park has tennis, athletic fields, a dog run and a paved bike path that runs from Cedar Creek Park to Tobay Beach, approximately 9.5 miles, 19 miles round trip. The bike path is mostly flat except when you are going over the many waterways. It also narrows when going over the waterways. Pay attention to oncoming bike traffic. The path is also wide and has a line painted down the middle to separate bikers going in each direction. It also parallels the Wantagh Parkway and then once you get to Jones Beach, it parallels Ocean Parkway. It is a great scenic bike ride with many worthwhile stops along the way such as the Jones Beach Theater.Once we reached Tobay Beach, we walked over to the ocean side to see the beach and have a quick snack, some water and conversation. It is so relaxing to see and hear the waves crashing on the shore, as well as see the sun glistening on the water. You won't want to leave. Luckily the winds were minimal in both directions but I could see where heavier winds could present a problem, since you really have no protection from the wind on this bike ride. Since today was a beautiful day, 66 degrees, sunny with little wind, it was a great day for a bike ride. Don't be intimidated by the length of this trip (19 miles roundtrip). Take your time and enjoy the ride! You can turn around at any time. The bathrooms were open at Tobay Beach. Bring a mask!