Belmont Lake State Park Hiking/Biking Trail (West Babylon, NY)

Belmont Lake State Park has much to offer people of all ages and abilities. I have both hiked and cycled the trails at Belmont Lake State Park. You can stay on the paved path that goes around half of the Lake but eventually you'll have to go on the crushed stone & dirt paths if you want to extend your hike or bike experience. The unpaved trail takes you to a park in the Town of Babylon but circles back to Belmont Lake State Park creating a trail of approximately 8-9 miles. If you have time, you can walk into the Town of Babylon for some shopping, ice cream or a meal before walking back to the Park. If you are biking, you can ride south of Montauk Highway to the Great South Bay for some amazing views. The trail is completely flat, wide enough for both hikers and bikers to share. This trail is not overly challenging except for the distance since there is no elevation at all. You can take a casual stroll, an aggressive hike or bike. This is a perfect place to go for the entire family, all ages and all abilities. You will not have a problem pushing a stroller on this path either. As expected, it is heavily trafficked on weekends. The park has some much to offer beyond hiking and biking. Check out their website!